Boating Lessons with Richard WaiteBareboat Yacht Charters

Yachts4Fun offers bareboat yacht charters and powerboat instruction in Marina del Rey, California. The most affordable way to bareboat charter our luxury Powerboats is to complete our Powerboat Passport program. This is where you put on your Captain’s hat and man the helm. Alone. Without us around. In other words, you take your family and friends out on one of our Powerboats by yourself.


Completing our Powerboat Passport program allows you the freedom to go where you want, do what you want, and see what you want and its easier than you think! You’re in total control of your day — just have the boat back at the agreed upon time. Otherwise, your time is yours.

What is Powerboat Passport? Basically we take you out and teach you power boating, and then let you bareboat charter (drive) our Powerboats yourself.  It’s the easiest way to enjoy “the boating lifestyle” without actually buying a boat!

Boating Lessons with Richard Waite

US Coast Guard Regulations for Bareboat Charters

A “bareboat charter” does not include the services of captain or crew. Charterer is considered the owner and assumes all legal obligations, responsible for the crew, passengers carried and safe navigation of the vessel. Charter Vessel may not carry more than 12 passengers whether moored or underway, and cannot be used as a platform for events that involve consideration. The Charterer provides all food, fuel and obtain insurance. To Charter vessel, Charterer must complete training program on vessel, and/or may hire a USCG licensed captain of their choice with credentials approved by vessel insurance carrier. Charterer assumes all responsibility for civil penalties that result with failure to comply with Federal passenger vessel requirements. 

A note on insurance requirements: Although our yachts are insured under a commercial marine policy that includes bareboat charters, US Coast Guard requirements state that the “Charterer” purchase their own insurance that is separate and apart from the vessels insurance. Charterers may already have this coverage included in their homeowners insurance policy, or have this required insurance added to their policy. Our recommendation is that you review this with your insurance carrier. 

A note on hiring the services of a licensed captain for bareboat charters: The Charterer has the option to hire the services of a licensed captain of their choice provided they are meet USCG requirements and their credentials are approved by the vessels marine insurance carrier.