A Tour of Animals in Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is a beautiful place to be! Even more beautiful is when you come across marine life while cruising the bay. No matter what time of year you venture out into the water, there is plenty of wildlife to be found. Keep your eyes wide open for a glimpse of one of these fun marine friends!

A Tour of Animals in Marina del Rey

Near the Docks

On, over and around the docks of Marina del Rey you are likely to spot seals and sea lions bathing in the sun and swimming in the water.

Do you know how to tell the difference between a seal and a sea lion? Sea lions have visible earflaps, while seals simply have ear holes! Also, if you hear that famous “barking” sound, it is likely that you are in the presence of a sea lion.

You will also see pelicans around the docks and occasionally even the elusive snowy egret, usually looking for a handout of bait from local fishermen.

In the Water

As you leave the docks and venture out into the bay, the diversity of marine life increases, although you may have to look harder to see it. Inside the rich ocean water in this area there are:

  • dolphins
  • seals
  • porpoises
  • sea lions
  • shoals of sardines and anchovies
  • plus the occasional sea turtle!

Out here, you may also see different types of seabirds that are too shy to hang out near land. Look closely for a glimpse at some of these amazing creatures!

Whale Watching Season

Southern California is part of the migration route of the California Gray Whale. Migration season lasts from November through May.   Whale sightings are more common farther out from shore, but with binoculars you might just catch a glimpse!

Sport Fishing

Marina del Rey is host to a variety of seasonal gamefish, including:

  • halibut
  • sand bass
  • barracuda
  • white sea bass
  • perch
  • mackerel
  • sargo
  • smelt and more!

While you are out enjoying your day on the yacht, always be on the lookout for wildlife sightings for an even more magical experience!