Boating Lessons with Richard Waite

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Richard Waite

Richard Waite is the driving force behind Yachts 4 Fun, and has been introducing others to “the boating life” for decades. His primary goal in starting the company was offering expert powerboat lessons and luxury yachts for bareboat charters. Richard enjoys teaching the art of boating and the finer points (and tax benefits) of a boat in a charter business.

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Boating Lessons with Richard Waite Yachts4Fun is one of the few companies providing powerboat certification on the West Coast. The truth is, powerboating has little regulation, so if you want to learn, there’s no shortage of “guys that have driven a boat” that fancy themselves as instructors. And some of them are probably good, too. But if you want a certified instructor that uses the National validated skill-based standards for powerboats, you want Yachts4Fun teaching you (especially if you want National Certification yourself). There is simply no substitute for proven experience, and that means being a true National Certified Powerboat Instructor. about_certification


Boating Lessons with Richard Waite Yachts4Fun gets you out on the water. That’s what we do. However, within that “get-you-out-on-the-water” statement reside plenty of options. Let’s go over a few of the services we provide:

  • Powerboat Lessons – You want to learn how to drive a powerboat. Excellent! We’re here to help you with expert powerboat instruction, whether you have your own boat, or wish to learn on ours. We can get you comfortable at the helm, all the way to getting you national skill-based certified.
  • YACHTime™ – Our unique YACHTime Packages are ideal for those who want to bareboat charter luxury yachts on a regular basis, without the services of a licensed captain. With our Powerboat Passport, you’ll learn the national skills required to man the helm with confidence!
  • LESSONS ON YOUR SCHEDULE  – Our calendar is tailored to meet your schedule with lessons available weekdays, weekends and evenings.  Best of all, our scheduling system allows you to schedule and if needed, reschedule your own appointments. 

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Yacts 4 Fun Phone Number 310-822-1037 Email Us