Powerboat Lesson FAQ’s

Is there an advantage to becoming certified on the national skill-based standards?

How long is an “on-the-water” lesson?

Why aren’t the sessions longer?

Do you offer stand-alone lessons without becoming certified?

Who teaches the 'on the water' courses?

Do I receive a certificate of completion for the lessons given?

What courses are offered on the Cruisers 370?

What courses are offered on the Marquis 55?

I just bought a boat and my insurance requires that I take lessons – can you give me powerboat lessons on my boat?

What if I don’t think I’m ready, or have the ability to safely pilot the boat after obtaining Basic Powerboat and Night courses?

Can I use the services of a Deck-Hand to assist me when I bareboat charter?

What happens if the weather is bad?

What is your cancellation policy?

Charter Internationally FAQ’s

What certification is required to charter a boat internationally?

Intern Captain/ Instructor FAQ’s

Does Yachts4Fun have a Captain/Instructor intern program?

How do I enroll as an intern captain/instructor with Yachts4Fun?

Can I earn an income as an intern?

What services can a Deck-Hand provide?

Licensed Captain FAQ’s

What are the requirements to obtain USCG license?

What qualifies as a “sea day”?

Do bareboat charters provided by Yachts4Fun qualify for “sea-time”?

What rating will I qualify for on my USCG license?

How can I qualify for a higher rating (tonnage) USCG license?

How can I prepare and take the USCG exam?

How do I become a USPB certified instructor with Yachts4Fun?