Powerboat Rental FAQs

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What is a captained charter?

What is a bareboat charter?

What is the maximum number of passengers for a bareboat charter?

What is not included with bareboat charters?

Can I hire the services of a Licensed Captain for a bareboat charter?

Can I hire the services of a DECK-HAND for bareboat charters?

Can I bareboat charter the Cruisers 370 without a licensed captain?

Can I bareboat charter the Marquis 55 without a licensed captain?

What is the minimum age requirement for chartering a boat?

Can our children come on the yacht with us?

Are pets allowed on the boat?

What should we pack for the day?

What is the fuel consumption, and how do I estimate the range of the vessel?

What is a release of liability agreement?

What happens if the weather is bad?

How far are the popular destinations from Marina Del Rey?

YACHTime Rental Pricing

For information on pricing, please visit our rental packages page.

What is YACHTime?

How much can I save with the purchase of YACHTime hours?

What can I use YACHTime packages for?

Can I purchase YACHTime packages if I don’t have the license or certification to bareboat charter the boat?

Can I hire the services of a Deck-Hand?

Can I use YACHTime charters for lessons and certification courses?

Is a security deposit required to bareboat charter?

What is the cancellation policy?

How much should we tip the crew?