US Powerboat Certification Courses

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Yachts 4 Fun is a US Powerboat Certification course provider for larger twin-inboard motor yachts. USPB certification has proven to be the best on-the-water powerboat instruction available and is accepted internationally. We offer several USPB courses, see you through to certification that allows you to pilot and charter boats without a licensed captain, and offer further opportunities to become a USCG licensed captain and USPB certified instructor. Graduates can obtain their US Powerboat and California Boater Card.

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US Powerboat Certification Courses

We offer the following USPB courses:

  • Basic Powerboat Cruising: This “on-the-water” powerboat-handling course teaches the responsible operation of a powerboat in daylight within sight of land through theory and hands-on instruction of a twin-screw powerboat. Build your knowledge and practical skills for safe and effective boat handling in light to moderate wind and sea conditions.
  • Night Operation Endorsement: After basic powerboat certification, the next step in seamanship training is to learn to responsibly operate a powerboat at night (in sight of land). This “on-the-water” course will train you how to safely navigate a cruising powerboat at night.
  • Inshore Powerboat Cruising: Advance your skills even more and cruise the world with ease by taking the Inshore Powerboat Cruising class. This “on-the-water” course focuses on the responsible operation of a cruising powerboat for multiple days in unfamiliar waters in sight of land.

Charter Powerboats Internationally

Enjoy the wonderful world of yachting at home or on vacation by earning Powerboat Cruising Certification. USPB certification allows you to operate powerboats in other countries, and is accepted by The Moorings to charter boats in the British Virgin Islands and Croatia.

Become a USCG Licensed Captain

Interested in becoming a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain? The first step is to attain the required sea time necessary to qualify for the license, and then pass the required USCG license exam. If needed, you can obtain your certifications and bareboat charter our boats, where you will gain the sea time and skills necessary to qualify for a higher rating USCG license on our boats with our experienced USCG licensed captains and USPB certified instructors.

Become a Certified Powerboat Instructor

Once you have obtained your USCG captains license, you may choose to take your skills even farther as a USPB certified instructor. With our intern program, you learn as an intern with our USPB certified instructors to teach others the national skill-based standards to safely and confidently operate larger powerboats.

Discover the wonderful world of powerboating with Yachts4Fun! Whether you are simply looking to cruise local shores or become a US Coast Guard licensed captain and certified instructor, we’ve got the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Please find answers to your powerboat lesson FAQs here and call us today at Yachts 4 Fun Phone Number 310-822-1037 to get started on your voyage.