Anatomy of a Yacht

Do you have an upcoming powerboat lesson with us and want to get a head start? Or perhaps you’d like to brush up on your boating knowledge?

Either way, we’ve compiled a list of the most important parts of a yacht that you’ll want to know before heading out onto the water.

  • Anatomy-of-a-YachtHull: The hull is the part of the boat that floats. It consists of an internal framework and is covered by an outer fiberglass shell (the part that you see and can touch).
  • Bow: (pronounced like “cow”) The bow is the front of the boat hull.
  • Stern: The back of the boat hull.
  • Port: Left (while looking forward).
  • Starboard: Right (while looking forward).
  • Aft: In or toward the back.
  • Berth: The sleeping area.
  • Bridge/Cockpit: The part of the boat where the controls are.
  • Cabin: A private room on the boat.
  • Deck: An outside area of the boat on which you can walk.
  • Galley: The kitchen.
  • Helm: The wheel or handle for steering.
  • Porthole: Window.
  • Propeller: The spinning blades that make the boat go.
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