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Spotlight On: Fairline

We have a variety of yachts from which to choose for your day on the water, and one of our favorites to highlight is the 43′ Fairline cruiser. Fairline is one of the premier luxury motorboat and yacht companies, founded in Britain in 1967. Known for its solid engineering and attention to detail, Fairline yachts are a favorite among many recreational boaters. Cruisers typically range from 21′-43′. So at 43′, our Fairline cruiser is considered to be on the larger end of the cruiser size spectrum.

fairlineThe 43′ Fairline is docked in Marina del Rey, making it a great choice for cruising in the area to enjoy the sun and view wildlife, or for a lengthier, day-long excursion along the coast. Popular trips on the Fairline are Redondo Beach and Malibu, both of which offer you a chance to relax and enjoy life on the water as you make your way toward your destination.

43′ Fairline Cruiser Details:

  • Power: Twin diesel engines (Caterpillar 3126 (420hp)).
  • Speed: Cruise speed is 24 knots (2200rpms), top speed is 32 knots (@2600rpms).
  • Maneuverability: Bow thruster.
  • Relaxing in the sun: Sun pads are located on both the bow and stern for your relaxation and the Bimini top is easily retractable.
  • Food and Beverage: A wet bar with fridge and griddle are located inside the cabin.
  • Entertainment: Satellite TV, Flat Screen HDTVs, A/V system integrated with subwoofer and multiple speakers.
  • Comfort: AC and Heat
  • Hydraulic Garage with Electric Winch for Wave Runner or Dinghy Storage

At Yachts4Fun, we offer two ways to get you on your way toward a relaxing day on the water: 1) Take one of our captains with you or 2) become powerboat certified so that you can take the boat out on your own!

Rates can be found on this page Please note that rates do not include fuel, engine usage, cleaning fees or captain service.

Yachts, Powerboats, and other fun Nautical Phrases

There is a considerable amount of confusion about the words: yacht and powerboat. Are they the same? If not, what is the difference? You might be surprised to know that theses terms are actually interchangeable! Both definitions stating: “A motorboat designed for racing or recreation.”

Now that you’re certified or in the process of becoming certified, isn’t it time you knew the origin of some of the most well known nautical phrases?

  • “High and Dry”: We know this phrase to mean that someone is stranded, without help or hope of recovery. The phrase has not changed meaning much in hundreds of years! In the early nautical days this phrase could mean one of two things. One is that the ship’s occupants were out of fresh water to drink, or two: that the ship had run aground, leaving the ship high on the shore and dry, because the water could not reach it.
  • “Three Sheets to the Wind”: You might already know that the phrase refers to drunkenness, but it may surprise you to know that ‘sheets’ are not sails in this reference. Sheets on a ship were chains fixed to the lower corners of sails in order to keep them in place. If three of these sheets were loose or not attached, the ship could be blown around in the wind. The motion of the ship resembled a drunken sailor’s walk.
  • “Hard and Fast”: A ‘hard and fast’ rule is one that is rigidly adhered to. The phrase typically means that there will be little to no debate or doubt. The nautical origin comes from sailors describing ships that have run aground. This phrase was used to describe a ship that was firmly beached on land. Figuratively speaking, hard and fast means that there won’t be any movement.

Boating is a lifestyle and part of that lifestyle is learning the history and jargon! Keep an eye out for future blogs that will introduce more nautical phrases. Happy boating!

Casino Royale


I shared with you the story behind the name Vesper. As you may recall, it involved our first date (Richard and mine) and included dinner and a movie, a James Bond movie — Casino Royale.

When Halloween rolled around in 2011 Vesper was docked in Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California. Richard and I took things one step further. We became James Bond and Vesper for the evening when Yachts4Fun hosted Casino Royale Night.

3We rolled the dice, spun the roulette wheel, and took a jaunt to White Island. It was a memorable evening, and the good news is our evening definitely had a much better ending for Richard and Sandy as James Bond and Vesper Lyn than the movie.

P.S. Doesn’t Richard make a handsome James Bond.

Mylar Balloons and the Environment: Save Our Oceans!

Everyone loves balloons for birthdays and other celebrations – but where do those balloons end up when the party is over? Balloons, along with millions of tons of other trash, are constantly washed up on coasts around the world. They travel far and wide after being released and can end up severely harming animals, particularly marine life. This blog will provide you with tips for positively impacting the marine environment and preventing oceanic waste!

mylar.imageMylar vs. Latex Balloons

Two types of balloons are commonly used for recreational activities: latex and mylar. While latex balloons are made from rubber tree sap and are considered biodegradable, mylar balloons are made of synthetic nylon with metallic coating and are non-biodegradable. Mylar balloons heavily contribute to oceanic waste, but even latex balloons are not as environmentally friendly as they seem. Although natural latex is biodegradable, the processed latex in balloons is covered in preservatives and plasticizers, causing it not to be 100% eco-friendly.

Environmental Impact

Oceanic pollution is bad for everyone: it destroys the aesthetic beauty of nature, causes us to spend millions of dollars on oceanic waste removal projects, and hurts tourism and leisure activities. When you’re out boating, you don’t want your beautiful view of the ocean to be obstructed by garbage! However, the most devastating effect is animal harm. It can take anywhere from six months to four years for a latex balloon to degrade, and even longer for a mylar balloon. This gives them plenty of time to harm our marine life before they finally break down. Deflated balloons are frequently ingested by animals, causing intestinal problems, and balloon ribbons are responsible for animal entanglement and strangulation.

Try These Eco-Friendly Decorations!

There are plenty of decorations that are both fun for you and safe for the environment. Many websites advertise compostable utensils and non-toxic party favors. You can also try out some sustainable alternatives to balloon decorations. Reusable streamers, banners, and kites are just a few examples of fun decorations that won’t go to waste! Instead of releasing balloons in celebration, planting trees and flowers is a perfect way to commemorate people and events that has a positive influence on our delicate ecosystem.

 Protecting Our Oceans

Volunteering to collect and dispose of coastal trash is a great way to be actively involved in protecting our oceans from harmful waste. Organized trash removal projects successfully retrieve thousands of pounds of trash that wash up from the ocean each year, and information on how to participate is readily available online.

Balloons make up only a portion of the total oceanic waste, but a few simple adjustments can drastically improve conditions for marine life!


Vesper It Is

IMG_1185from Sandy’s Log:  
As many of you know on May 30, 2015, we said goodbye to Vesper, the 1990 SeaRay 390 Express Cruiser. Richard wasted no time finding his replacement flagship. In June, Y4F’s Captain and crew brought home the new training boat, a 2005 370 Cruisers Yachts.

It was a very short deliberation. Since Dan and Mitzie renamed the 390 SeaRay, we knew we had to keep the name Vesper. It has lots of meaning to us.

Our first date included a dinner and a show. Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. Richard has always been a James Bond fan, but up until Casino Royale (or should I say up until Daniel Craig) I had never been much of a Bond fan.

If you remember the movie, Vesper Lyn played by Eva Green was the Casino Royale Bond girl. When we were considering names for the SeaRay, we ran through all the James Bond movies and Bond girls, and there was no way I’d agree to Octopussy or Pussy Galore, but Vesper now that was a consideration.

2015-07-06 20.03.54Besides being the name of a Bond girl, “vesper” means twilight as well as evening prayers. Beautiful. Twilight. It’s the best time of day–the moment between day and night, A moment to reflect, to be grateful, to dream, and what better place than “on the water” for those evening prayers.

And so the new boat has been christened–Vesper it was and Vesper it is.

Marina Del Rey: A Short History

Sparkling shores and marvelous sea life have attracted residents and tourists alike to Marina Del Rey for decades. With a population of 8,800 people and 5,300 boats, Marina Del Rey is home to nearly as many boats as people, so it is no surprise that Yachts4Fun has chosen the area as home base! What do you know about Marina Del Rey’s history? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore what events have shaped this harbor into the gem it is today.

HistoryofMarinaDelReyThe history of this picturesque harbor as we know it began in 1887. A man by the name of M.C. Wicks had a dream. He wanted to create a commercial harbor for the city of Los Angeles.   Marina Del Rey’s estuary and the inlets of Playa Del Rey provided a unique opportunity for this venture. Wicks began work on his vision but after 3 years of struggle, $300,000 and a storm that ravaged the wharf, his company was bankrupt and his vision had faded. Work stopped and the area was returned to a quiet, ocean side village.

Other visionaries had taken notice of the gorgeous landscape and temperate climate. Not long after Wicks’ attempt, a man named Abbot Kinney dug in. Kinney succeeded, creating Venice, Marina Del Rey’s neighbor to the North.

Marina Del Rey was on track to become a commercial harbor but lost to their Southern neighbor, San Pedro. San Pedro is now the West Coast’s largest port.

Oil was found in the area beginning in the 1920’s. Oilrigs were transferred in, snatching some of the natural beauty that the area has to offer. Within a few decades the oil had run dry and all of the rigs have been removed, restoring the landscape to its famed beauty.

Much to current local’s relief, it seemed as though Marina Del Rey was always destined to stay a beautiful, recreational harbor. President Eisenhower signed Public Law 780 naming Marina Del Rey Harbor an authorized federal project. In the 1950’s the area was finally beginning to take shape. Construction began on the harbor and the community of Marina Del Rey. On January 25th, 1962, President Kennedy granted the name “Marina Del Rey” via telegram.

Although Marina Del Rey’s history is short, it is rich, and not without its trials and tribulations. The next time you look out over the water, soak in the setting sun, or steer the yacht into the harbor, remember the history. Enjoy the sea life, the views and perfect yachting conditions. We’ll see you out there!

Cheaper than Divorce

from Sandy’s Log:


On the starting evening of the 2015 Marina del Rey boat show after everyone finished getting set up, Richard and I were visiting with other boaters and friends. Mike Z, one of Richard’s former students, was telling us why he and his wife decided to get into boating.

It was really pretty simple. “Their kids were grown. They needed something new in their life. And buying a boat it was cheaper than divorce.”

Interesting! Something to keep in mind.

One Thing I’ll Never Buy Again

from Sandy’s Log:

BirdsSometimes it only takes a second to change the way you look at things.

One day as Richard and I were leaving Ralph’s grocery store, we passed the flower counter. Out of nowhere Richard says “that’s one thing I’ll never buy again”. I had no idea what he was referring to.

What do you mean, I asked. Mylar balloons….he said.…because I see them floating all over the ocean.

It had never crossed my mind, but now that it has, I too can say “that’s one thing I’ll never buy again”.

An Unforgettable Summer- Charting Your Course

It would be hard to think of a season more suited to yachting than summer! Living in Southern California, we are right next to the Pacific Ocean, yet most of us spend little to no time exploring these waters, especially once we become adults.


This summer, why not enjoy time together with your friends in a new venue via a private charter? Whether you prefer that our experienced captains pilot the boat or you want to learn to do it yourself, we know that you will have a great time!


Our clients know that the only thing better than throwing a party is having it on a yacht! From birthday celebrations to engagement parties and even baby showers, a day out on the sea with your closest friends and family makes for the experience of a lifetime!


Some of the best destinations accessible by yacht are less than an hour away from Marina del Rey. Here are some of the locations most popular with our clients and their approximate one-way travel times:

  • Venice/Santa Monica: 20-30 minutes
  • Redondo Beach: 45 minutes
  • Malibu: 1.5 hours
  • Point Mugu: 2-2.5 hours
  • San Pedro/Long Beach: 2-2.5 hrs
  • Catalina Two Harbors: 2.5-3 hrs
  • Catalina Avalon: 3.5-4 hrs
  • Channel Islands 4.5-5 hrs

Whether you are heading out for a celebration or a little solitude, we promise you an unforgettable summer!

Goodbye Vesper

from Sandy’s Log:

May 30, 2015 was a big day in Yachts4Fun’s history. We said goodbye to Vesper (SeaRay Express Cruiser). Richard and his newest first mate, Nick, escorted Vesper’s new owners on a 4 hour ride up the coast to her new home in Ventura.

Vesper 2

Richard, Dan & Mitzie

For many of you who know us (Richard and me), you probably spent time on Vesper. Many students started their boating adventures on Vesper. She has been a very good boat. We have many fond memories on Vesper. What’s your fondest memory on Vesper?

We will miss her.  We hope her new owners will enjoy her as much as we did.

Stay tuned for more on her replacement…