Boating Under the Influence

We hear you asking, is that really a thing? Yes, indeed, it is. And if a California assembly member has his way, the rules and punishments regarding boating and alcohol will be increased.

Boating-Under-InfluenceIn 2013, there were 560 deaths from boating accidents in California alone. And alcohol is the leading cause of boat crashes on California waters. Just like drinking and driving is dangerous, drinking and operating a boat is dangerous as well.

A new bill proposed this year (AB 539) by Assemblyman Marc Levine, if passed, would allow law enforcement officials to obtain a search warrant that would let them test the blood alcohol level of a person who is suspected of operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Safety is our number priority at Yachts4Fun! We want you to have fun but first we want you to be safe! We know that drinking while driving a boat is dangerous and urge you to refrain from this activity whether you are on a lake, reservoir or out in the ocean.

Stay tuned for more info on this bill…