Buccaneer Days

Buccaneer Daysfrom Sandy’s Log:    Last Sunday I posted on Yachts4Fun’s Facebook page a photo that showed several boats out on the water on a somewhat rainy afternoon. Anthony Blada commented that they were coming back from Buccaneer’s Day, an annual event that takes places in early October where hundreds of buccaneers take over Two Harbors on Catalina Island.

Buccaneers 2That brought back memories of Y4F’s first and (to date) only Buccaneer Days. We left out of Long Beach with a small party of six, which included Capt. Richard, then first-mate, Anthony Blada, and myself. It was a beautiful day on the water. Once we reached Two Harbors, we anchored, caught a water taxi, and headed to shore.

Buccaneers 3Richard and I were about the only ones that did not don pirate outfits, although I must say Anthony made a pretty good effort.
It was a fun and unique experience filled with Captain Morgan and his band of buccaneers, pirate ships, wenches, cannons, parrots, and peg legs.  Oh and the usual—food, music and spirits.

Buccaneers 4Buccaneers 5