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Pirate Series

  Careers on the High Seas Many sailors of old “jumped ship” to pursue the promise of untold wealth on the high seas.  Instead of a life of backbreaking work for minimal wages in the service of the king, thousand of men pursued a career of piracy, although what they mostly found was a life […]


     Some of you may or may not know that I am also a licensed Yachts Salesman. I recently listed White Pearl, one the boats in the Yachts4Fun fleet. She is a 44’ Luhrs Convertible Sportsfisher that all about fishing—live bait tanks and outriggers with all the comforts and performance of a luxury yacht. […]

Man Overboard

from SANDY’S LOG I remember the first time we went for a boat ride after Richard (Capt. Richard) got is Coast Guard license.  There were about 7 or 8 of us leaving out of Long Beach that day.  We were excited to spend a beautiful warm summer’s day out on-the-water. But before we left the […]

Long Term Yacht Living

Life on this green earth is never really questioned. So what happens when we swap the walls for paneling, the windows for portal, and the bedrooms for bunks?

Los Angeles Boat Show

from SANDY’S LOG Los Angeles Boat Show Last weekend Captain and crew were at the Los Angeles Boat Show. We had two exhibitor booths – one at the Los Angeles Convention Center and one at Burton Chase Park. This year we partnered up with Discover Boating, and provided on-the-water introductory lesson on Y4F’s training yacht, […]

Giga Yachts

For most of us, ‘giga’ is a prefix almost exclusively reserved for words related to the Internet or, if we’re really digging in, light bulb wattage. However, in a world where smaller seems better, the rise of the giga-yacht is an opulent exception

Yachting with Children

We have said it once and we will say it again: yachting is fun for the whole family!

Coastal Bird Species Part II

Whether you are new to bird watching or a seasoned pro, coastal bird species are fun to spot and fascinating to watch. Have you ever seen an interesting bird while out on the water and wondered what it was?

Powerboating: What does it mean to become certified?

We get this question all the time! Many people feel that operating a yacht is a simple task.

Famous Sailors

We spend a lot of time on the water and love being able to share our passion for the ocean with you. Now that you know how to navigate a powerboat, you may want to learn more about the famous sailors to came before you (and most before the powerboat itself).