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Son of a Gun! Nautical Phrases Part 2

In this blog, we’re going to cover some additional terms and sayings that have nautical origins. Let’s have some fun!

Anatomy of a Yacht

Do you have an upcoming powerboat lesson with us and want to get a head-start? Or perhaps you’d like to brush up on your boating knowledge!

Great Place to Study

from Sandy’s Log:    As I cram to complete my CM (continuing maintenance) credits for my AICP Certification (American Institute of Certified Planners) before the end of the year, I think back to how much I enjoyed studying and preparing for my AICP test. I was so fortunate. We had a boat (Vesper I), and a boat […]

Plan Your Trip: Santa Catalina Island

While putting your new powerboat license to good use, getting to Santa Catalina Island is only half the fun! If you’re planning a trip to Catalina, here are 7 of our favorite things to do:

Coastal Bird-Watching 101

Batten down the hatches! It’s time to bird-watch. Whether you are new to bird watching or a seasoned pro, coastal bird species are fun to spot and fascinating to watch. Have you ever seen an interesting bird while out on the water and wondered what it was? Yachts4Fun has you covered. We will have an […]

Boating Under the Influence

We hear you asking, is that really a thing? Yes, indeed, it is. And if a California assembly member has his way, the rules and punishments regarding boating and alcohol will be increased.

Plan Your Trip: Marina del Rey

Once you visit Marina del Rey, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular seaside communities in Los Angeles County. If you’re planning on taking a trip, here are 7 of our favorite things to do:

Buccaneer Days

from Sandy’s Log:    Last Sunday I posted on Yachts4Fun’s Facebook page a photo that showed several boats out on the water on a somewhat rainy afternoon. Anthony Blada commented that they were coming back from Buccaneer’s Day, an annual event that takes places in early October where hundreds of buccaneers take over Two Harbors on […]

Forever Young: Caring for your Powerboat

You’ve decided to purchase your very own powerboat, congratulations! Taking the leap into powerboat ownership is a huge and exciting decision. You’ve just finished your first cruise out on open water and you nailed it! Every detail from your Yachts4Fun powerboating classes was put to use and you’re bringing the boat into your slip but […]

What to Get the Man (Men) in Your Life?

I was having lunch with my hairdresser this weekend, the fabulous Victoria, and she asked me to tell her more about Yachts4Fun. What is Yacths4Fun? Is it a charter business? I proceeded to tell her that Yachts4Fun’s main business is on-the-water powerboat instruction.