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Spotlight On: Fairline

We have a variety of yachts from which to choose for your day on the water, and one of our favorites to highlight is the 43′ Fairline cruiser. Fairline is one of the premier luxury motorboat and yacht companies, founded in Britain in 1967. Known for its solid engineering and attention to detail, Fairline yachts […]

Yachts, Powerboats, and other fun Nautical Phrases

There is a considerable amount of confusion about the words: yacht and powerboat. Are they the same? If not, what is the difference? You might be surprised to know that theses terms are actually interchangeable! Both definitions stating: “A motorboat designed for racing or recreation.” Now that you’re certified or in the process of becoming […]

Casino Royale

I shared with you the story behind the name Vesper. As you may recall, it involved our first date (Richard and mine) and included dinner and a movie, a James Bond movie — Casino Royale. When Halloween rolled around in 2011 Vesper was docked in Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California. Richard and I took […]

Mylar Balloons and the Environment: Save Our Oceans!

Everyone loves balloons for birthdays and other celebrations – but where do those balloons end up when the party is over? Balloons, along with millions of tons of other trash, are constantly washed up on coasts around the world. They travel far and wide after being released and can end up severely harming animals, particularly […]

Vesper It Is

from Sandy’s Log:  As many of you know on May 30, 2015, we said goodbye to Vesper, the 1990 SeaRay 390 Express Cruiser. Richard wasted no time finding his replacement flagship. In June, Y4F’s Captain and crew brought home the new training boat, a 2005 370 Cruisers Yachts. It was a very short deliberation. Since […]

Marina Del Rey: A Short History

Sparkling shores and marvelous sea life have attracted residents and tourists alike to Marina Del Rey for decades. With a population of 8,800 people and 5,300 boats, Marina Del Rey is home to nearly as many boats as people, so it is no surprise that Yachts4Fun has chosen the area as home base! What do […]

Cheaper than Divorce

from Sandy’s Log: On the starting evening of the 2015 Marina del Rey boat show after everyone finished getting set up, Richard and I were visiting with other boaters and friends. Mike Z, one of Richard’s former students, was telling us why he and his wife decided to get into boating. It was really pretty […]

One Thing I’ll Never Buy Again

from Sandy’s Log: Sometimes it only takes a second to change the way you look at things. One day as Richard and I were leaving Ralph’s grocery store, we passed the flower counter. Out of nowhere Richard says “that’s one thing I’ll never buy again”. I had no idea what he was referring to. What […]

An Unforgettable Summer- Charting Your Course

It would be hard to think of a season more suited to yachting than summer! Living in Southern California, we are right next to the Pacific Ocean, yet most of us spend little to no time exploring these waters, especially once we become adults. This summer, why not enjoy time together with your friends in […]

Goodbye Vesper

from Sandy’s Log: May 30, 2015 was a big day in Yachts4Fun’s history. We said goodbye to Vesper (SeaRay Express Cruiser). Richard and his newest first mate, Nick, escorted Vesper’s new owners on a 4 hour ride up the coast to her new home in Ventura. Richard, Dan & Mitzie For many of you who know […]