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The Woman Behind The Man

Most people who know Yachts4Fun know Richard, but they don’t know the woman behind Yachts4Fun. Richard and I have been together since before Yachts4Fun and Vesper were glimmers in his eye. I’ve been with him every step of the way, cheering him on. I know all the Captains, crew, students, brokers, dock masters, insurance agents, buyers, […]

An Introduction to Power Boating – How to Get Certified

Getting out on the open water as the captain of your own powerboat is an amazing feeling. And it’s a lot easier to do than you might think! Becoming nationally certified is easy with an experienced teacher at your side. Yachts4Fun is one of the few powerboat certification courses available on the west coast, which […]

How Much do you Know About Powerboating? Test Your Knowledge!

At Yachts4Fun, we see people with all levels of powerboating experience. Some are certified and just want to rent one of our yachts while others have never been on a powerboat. We pride ourselves on being the go-to experience for anyone who wants to have an amazing day out on the water. Whether you’re a […]

A Tour of Animals in Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is a beautiful place to be! Even more beautiful is when you come across marine life while cruising the bay. No matter what time of year you venture out into the water, there is plenty of wildlife to be found. Keep your eyes wide open for a glimpse of one of these […]

The History of the Powerboat

Did you know that motorboats have been used for sport as early as the beginning of the 20th century? Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine, motorboats have been a fun and easy way to maneuver the sea. Interest in fast motorboats really took off in 1903 when The Marine Motor Association was […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Powerboats are Amazing

We love sailing and don’t question the skill involved with learning to sail. Some of the best people we know are sailors! But, there’s a level of excitement and ease associated with powerboating. Although the differences between a powerboat and a sailboat probably seem obvious, let’s go over the top reasons why powerboats are so […]

Our New Blog!

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