Forever Young: Caring for your Powerboat

You’ve decided to purchase your very own powerboat, congratulations! Taking the leap into powerboat ownership is a huge and exciting decision. You’ve just finished your first cruise out on open water and you nailed it! Every detail from your Yachts4Fun powerboating classes was put to use and you’re bringing the boat into your slip but you’re not done for the day! Powerboat ownership is a passion and it takes love and effort. In order to protect your investment and to prevent premature aging of your powerboat, you’ll need to thoroughly clean it after every session.

Forever Young  Caring for your PowerboatThe main goal of a good powerboat wash is to remove all traces of salt, as it is corrosive to your boat’s finish and metal framing. Salt dries into crystals creating an abrasive sand texture. There are a couple basic rules to powerboat cleaning that you’ll want to commit to memory.

  • Always start at the top and work your way down
  • Clean your powerboat from bow to stern

After you have taken these into account it is time to assess the weather. Is it sunny? If it is sunny, get ready to work quickly! We highly suggest a good quality boat wash. Boat wash cleans salt, dirt and grime much more thoroughly versus dish soap. First, spray down the boat with a fine spray and let sit for 1-2 minutes. It takes 1-2 minutes for the salt crystals to dissolve. After you have waited, hose the boat down completely and work the boat wash into a lather. You’ll need to supply the muscle on this step and get ready for some good, clean fun. Working in sections, lather, rinse and dry. If you try to do the whole boat at once, certain sections will dry before you return, and you will be left with water spots. Use a soft drying cloth that will soak up liquid without damaging the finish.

  • The deck should also be scrubbed. We suggest Borax or Hydrogen Peroxide as an environmentally friendly alternative to bleach.
  • All windows and Perspex should be stripped free of salt build up as well. A mixture of water and vinegar will work great for both you and the environment.
  • Applying a quality cleaner and sealant to your metal framework will prolong the life of your vessel as well. After application let sit for 15 to 30 minutes the wipe off with a clean cloth. A wax protectant creates a barrier against the harsh elements.

Things you can do less frequently are: cleaning any vinyl upholstery, carpet cleaning and cleaning/degreasing your engine. You will find a routine that works best for you but we hope that these pointers will guide you in the right direction!