Great Place to Study

2009 07nfrom Sandy’s Log:    As I cram to complete my CM (continuing maintenance) credits for my AICP Certification (American Institute of Certified Planners) before the end of the year, I think back to how much I enjoyed studying and preparing for my AICP test. I was so fortunate. We had a boat (Vesper I), and a boat on-the-water is a great place to study.  It wasn’t a chore. It never felt like work.

2009 07hEvery Friday, Richard and I would toss a few clothes in our overnight bag, pack up my computer and AICP study materials, grab the dog, and off we’d go to King Harbor in Redondo Beach. We’d usually swing by Whole Foods and pick up a few items from the deli along with some craft beer, and we were set for the weekend.

Most Fridays we’d just chill on the boat. We’d take in the sea air and watch the fabulous sunset. Early Saturday, it was rise and shine with the sun. We’d have our morning coffee on the cockpit, and then I ‘d settle in. Richard had a little table built for me on the cockpit overlooking the marina. It was perfect. I’d set up my computer and study away pausing only to watch a seagull, take a dingy ride or take in a few ZZZs in the afternoon sun with Mr. Big.

Saturday nights we’d usually walk over the Bluewater Grill for dinner, maybe a few drinks then back to the boat to snuggle in for the evening. Sunday we’d do it all over again, except some time Sunday we’d head home.

There is no doubt in my mind that having a great place like this to study was key to me being able to stay focused and obtain my certification. I highly recommend it.

2009 070i