Man Overboard


I remember the first time we went for a boat ride after Richard (Capt. Richard) got is Coast Guard license.  There were about 7 or 8 of us leaving out of Long Beach that day.  We were excited to spend a beautiful warm summer’s day out on-the-water.

But before we left the dock, Richard took a few minutes to orient the passengers on where the life vests were located, and a few other safety instructions.  But etched in my mind were his instructions in the event of man overboard.  He told us that in the event of someone falling overboard, the person who witnessed the event or saw the person overboard was 100% responsible to NEVER , NEVER lose sight of the person.  They are to yell out ‘MAN OVERBOARD”, and extend their arm and finger pointing to the person overboard.  They are not relieved of this duty until such time is that person is back on the boat.Picture1

I hope to never experience that but just knowing what to do in case of such an emergency put me at ease.