Basic Cruising Powerboat course

Powerboat Cruising

This “on-the-water” powerboat-handling course teaches the responsible operation of a powerboat in daylight within sight of land through theory and hands-on instruction of a twin-screw powerboat. Build your knowledge and practical skills for safe and effective boat handling in light to moderate wind and sea conditions.

This is a 12-hour program with four 3-hour “on the water” course modules.

Module 1 – Close Quarter Maneuvers: 3-hour on the water instruction for close quarter maneuvering. Practical skills learned include powerboat theory, safety, systems, pivot point, turns and stoping the boat in close quarters.

Module 2 – Fairway Maneuvering: 3-hour on the water instruction for fairway maneuvering. Practical skills learned include, rules of the road in main fairways, backing the boat, pivot turns, person in water recovery, bow first and stern first in slip.

Module 3 – Docking & Departing: 3-hour on the water instruction for docking and departing. Practical skills learned include dock line and fender management, prepare for arrival, approaches to docks and piers and spring line departures.

Module 4 – Open Water & Anchoring: 3-hour on the water instruction navigating to Redondo/Palos Verdes. Practical skills learned include trimming the boat, underway in waves, high speed maneuvers, navigation systems including chart plotter, radar, sonar and anchoring.

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