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Yachts 4 Fun is a US Powerboat Certification training center for larger twin-inboard motor yachts.

USPB certification has proven to be the best on-the-water powerboat instruction available and is accepted internationally. We offer several USPB courses, see you through to certification that allows you to pilot and charter boats without a licensed captain, and offer further opportunities to become a USCG licensed captain and USPB certified instructor. Graduates can obtain their US Powerboat and California Boater Card.


We offer the following USPB courses:

  • Basic Powerboat Cruising: This “on-the-water” powerboat-handling course teaches the responsible operation of a powerboat in daylight within sight of land through theory and hands-on instruction of a twin-screw powerboat. Build your knowledge and practical skills for safe and effective boat handling in light to moderate wind and sea conditions.
  • Night Operation Endorsement: After basic powerboat certification, the next step in seamanship training is to learn to responsibly operate a powerboat at night (in sight of land). This “on-the-water” course will train you how to safely navigate a cruising powerboat at night.
  • Inshore Powerboat Cruising: Advance your skills even more and cruise the world with ease by taking the Inshore Powerboat Cruising class. This “on-the-water” course focuses on the responsible operation of a cruising powerboat for multiple days in unfamiliar waters in sight of land.