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Yachts4Fun’s vision is to provide a means for you to embrace “the boating lifestyle”, whether you own a boat or not. So we created a company that would not only teach you powerboat operation, but also provide you with Captains Services with us at the helm & Bareboat Charters with you at the helm, once you have completed the certification. Yacht4Fun’s Powerboat Passport is exactly that; your passport to powerboating! Come take an introductory virtual ride with us!

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The Los Angeles Powerboat Academy is a US Powerboat course provider for the larger “cruising class” powerboats. We offer courses for Basic Cruising Powerboat, Night Operations, and Inshore certifications.

LA Powerboat Academy: Beginner’s Program

Discover this “on-the-water” powerboat-handling course and the responsible operation of a powerboat.

Discover the LA Powerboat Academy’s Powerboat Bootcamp

Los Angeles Powerboat Academy features a bootcamp for thrill-seekers to embark on a series of lessons on our impressive fleet. Embark on the ride of your life with the Powerboat Bootcamp.

Nighttime Operations

This “on-the-water” course will train you how to safely navigate a cruising powerboat at night.

Advanced Cruising Certification

Advance your skills even more and cruise the world with ease by taking the Inshore Powerboat Cruising class. Discover this “on-the-water” course, which focuses on the responsible operation of a cruising powerboat for multiple days in unfamiliar waters in sight of land.