Sea Trials

This two-hour event lets you sample many of the motor yachts we have at the Windward Yacht Center. Take the helm of a motor yacht with an instructor at “cruising speeds” on-the-water sea run.

Sea Trial Pricing:

  • Aboard Cruisers 370 Express: $720
  • Aboard Carver 52 Command Bridge: $900
  • Aboard Marquis 55 LS Bridge: $840

Price includes training vessel, instructor and insurance. Additional charges for fuel usage and 10% marina tax.

About Seal Trials

sea trial is a fancy term for a test drive, designed to test a boat’s seaworthiness. Surveyors use sea trials as an opportunity to test speed and maneuverability, as well as check for vibrations and observe other systems that can only be tested in the water

While on The Water

On the water, play the role of both driver and passenger. As driver, make note of your visibility, particularly in terms of the captain’s forward vision when accelerating onto plane or the ability to easily see over passengers seated in a bow cockpit. Engine trim, transom-mounted trim tabs and even flip-up seat bolsters can be used to improve forward vision but should never compensate for an under powered craft with an extended time to plane.

Bring the boat to maximum cruising speed, check behind for traffic, then crank a hard-over turn to each side. Ideally, the boat should carve cleanly and powerfully through the turn without the engine struggling to maintain speed or the propeller losing its bite on the water.

Head into rough water (or make your own with a series of S-turns) and cross several wakes at varying speeds. Though the effects of rough water can’t be eliminated, a well-designed hull will carve confidently through wakes while limiting any serious bumps or jarring from disturbing passengers. Listen for any rattles and vibrations; if present, they may be an easy fix but if not you may want to compare the craft’s performance to another brand. At no-wake speeds, center the wheel and note how well the boat keeps its line.