Powerboating: What does it mean to become certified?

Powerboating certifiedWe get this question all the time! Many people feel that operating a yacht is a simple task. When it comes to safety though, especially on bays and in the open ocean, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that to operate any powerboat safely on ocean waters, proper training is key to avoiding accidents and that unfortunate moment where you have to signal to the coast guard for help.

Read on for the top 5 reasons to get certified in powerboat operation with Yachts4Fun before heading out on the water:

  1. Safety: Would you know what to do if a large ship was coming your way? Would you know what to do if you took on a leak? Don’t take risks like these, you will enjoy yourself much more having the knowledge to face any sticky situation on the water. Certification gives you this!
  2. Our certified instructors have years of experience and use nationally validated skill-based standards for teaching and testing. The programs are comprehensive and there is no substitute for this level of experience.
  3. Charter boats on your next vacation out of town. The next time you go on vacation somewhere else in the USA, you can charter a boat and show your family a good (and safe) time wherever you are. Many charter companies only rent their boats to pilots with certification. With that piece of paper in hand, you know you are covered.
  4. Fully embrace the “boating-lifestyle”. We love being on the water, and we know you will too. Proper certification will assist you whether you are chartering a boat somewhere or planning on purchasing your own.
  5. Boat Owners – Protect your Investment! If you own a yacht or plan on purchasing one, you can protect your investment by becoming certified with us – this will help you avoid costly mistakes down the road.

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