Vesper It Is

IMG_1185from Sandy’s Log:  
As many of you know on May 30, 2015, we said goodbye to Vesper, the 1990 SeaRay 390 Express Cruiser. Richard wasted no time finding his replacement flagship. In June, Y4F’s Captain and crew brought home the new training boat, a 2005 370 Cruisers Yachts.

It was a very short deliberation. Since Dan and Mitzie renamed the 390 SeaRay, we knew we had to keep the name Vesper. It has lots of meaning to us.

Our first date included a dinner and a show. Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. Richard has always been a James Bond fan, but up until Casino Royale (or should I say up until Daniel Craig) I had never been much of a Bond fan.

If you remember the movie, Vesper Lyn played by Eva Green was the Casino Royale Bond girl. When we were considering names for the SeaRay, we ran through all the James Bond movies and Bond girls, and there was no way I’d agree to Octopussy or Pussy Galore, but Vesper now that was a consideration.

2015-07-06 20.03.54Besides being the name of a Bond girl, “vesper” means twilight as well as evening prayers. Beautiful. Twilight. It’s the best time of day–the moment between day and night, A moment to reflect, to be grateful, to dream, and what better place than “on the water” for those evening prayers.

And so the new boat has been christened–Vesper it was and Vesper it is.