Yachting with Children

We have said it once and we will say it again: yachting is fun for the whole family! For kids, a day on the water can be educational or completely relaxing. While yachting can be an amazing experience for our children we must remember that safety must come first. Today we go beyond the typical life vest lecture and give you a few helpful tips to follow while keeping your loved ones safe this boating season.

YachtSafetyFrom Toddlers to Teens

When children are very young, they do not know enough about safety and may not be at an age where they are able to absorb all of the instructions given at the beginning of a power boating session. By the time they are teenagers, they may think that they are invincible! One way to combat both of these mindsets is to implement a: “Do as I say now, ask questions later.” rule.

Toddler Tips

Everyone on board should wear a life vest that is comfortable. When children are raised wearing life jackets that properly fit they will simply know that when it is time to get on the boat, the jacket goes on! We recommend for very small children, a full harness attached to a runner.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Yachting with children, or any guests for that matter, can be tricky! Create a plan for docking, anchoring etc. Who will watch the children while you ensure that all is running smoothly? Some other tips include: hydrating your guests, keeping a fully stocked first aid kit and educating your guests on safety procedures prior to departure.

At Yachts4Fun we want your day at sea to be fun, educational and safe. Call us today to learn more from our powerboat instructors!